Regardless of whether your home is unoccupied for a week or a month, weather happens. Gardens still grow. Emergencies arise. Maintenance, security and the protection of your home is paramount, a powerful reason for our obsessive nature. Any investment requires careful property management, and in the case of The Good Life | Bahamas' properties, great peace-of-mind comes in knowing yours is readily looked after.

Together, we can design property management schedules that ensure the sanctity of your investment and above all, eliminate any and all hassles. Services include, but are not at all limited to: Security inspections, property inspections, hurricane prep, housekeeping, selection / supervision of repair contractors, garden/yard/beach maintenance, concierge services* and bill paying.

*Concierge services are often an overlooked facet of island ownership. Imagine arriving from the airport to a fridge with chilled wine and beer and a pantry filled with snacks and breakfast food, all of which are properly stocked in your personal island retreat. No rushing off to the store for provisions. Immediately, you can leave the stress behind, decompress, and breathe the fresh sea air. This, friends, is truly living The Good Life and in addition to general maintenance and cleaning, we're always available to assist in any errands, duties and chores so you can have far more time for personal activities and enjoyment.


  • Grocery shopping
  • Spirit/wine/beer purchases
  • Housekeeping
  • Dry cleaning
  • Mail out service
  • Bill payment
  • Vehicle servicing and cleaning
  • Boat servicing
  • Boat rental arrangements
  • Customs clearance
  • Vehicle rental
  • Airport transport
  • Child care



The option to earn added income when not using your Exumian paradise is a very viable one, no doubt because of the quiet island flavor and sought-after tranquil surroundings. On the pragmatic end, proper vacation rental with The Good Life | Bahamas is firmly grounded in one all-important caveat: Your investment must always be protected. Period.

This speaks to the caliber of renters we seek on your behalf, and the trust you can count on when listing your property with us. We provide and oversee all aspects of the listings, bookings, handling and management of the property as means of ensuring your peace-of-mind. Our rental options are especially convenient for US-based owners, as Europe has typically longer holidays and Europeans tend to travel to Exuma in July/August. This is generally the low season for American visitors. Imagine earning a return on your investment by doing nothing more than continuing your trust in us to find wonderful renters. It's easily possible and above all, lucrative, with The Good Life | Bahamas.


  • Easy, comprehensive check in/out
  • Housekeeping
  • Inspection pre and post rental
  • 24-hour guest availability
  • Accurate monthly accounting
  • Provisioning of basic amenities
  • Concierge services