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December 14, 2016
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Four Reasons To Consider It

If gazing at the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean from your backyard hammock sounds like a dream, continue reading. Owning an island home may seem like a far-fetched fantasy, but many find island living the perfect remedy to the daily stressors of life. Building or buying a home in the Bahamas may be a feasible and desirable opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are four reasons to consider it.

"Vacation rental occupancy rates are on the rise... ”


1. The Lifestyle

There’s no question we all need a little sun, sand, and sea in our lives and Exuma has plenty of it. The island provides endless waterborne activities for both adults and children; the water clarity and temperature are ideal for year-round delight. From snorkeling, diving, spearfishing, and surfing to paddleboarding, waterskiing, and beach lounging, island life can be whatever you make of it. However, Exuma isn't a sought-after paradise just for its natural beauty. The innate cultural charm of its people holds a strong attraction as well. Widely known for their warm and friendly nature, Exuma natives find great pleasure including everyone in their good times and visitors are taken aback by the laughter and lightheartedness encountered here.

2. The Convenience

Located just one hour from Florida’s east coast, Great Exuma has an international airport that makes travel to the island simple and easy. Odyssey FBO welcomes those flying via private aircraft and ensures hassle-free arrival and departure services. Our preferred partner, Exclusive Charter Service can help with all of your private charter needs. Commercial airlines Delta, American, United, Air Canada, and Bahamas Air offer direct flights to Georgetown. Arriving by water is just as stress-free as there are several peaceful harbours that provide the protection and convenience needed for a yacht or sailboat.

3. The Investment

The Bahamas is an investment-friendly country where one can find freedom from personal income, capital gains, inheritance, and corporate income taxes. Vacation rental occupancy rates are on the rise as the Exumas gain more attention from American, Canadian, and European travelers. Thus, purchasing or building a home in Exuma is also a viable solution to owning a vacation home in paradise while simultaneously defraying the expense of second homeownership.

4. The Privacy

There’s a valid reason so many celebrities call Exuma home. It is difficult to find a destination with such jaw-dropping scenery that also allows for the privacy and seclusion needed to escape the daily grind. You’ll find that most beaches in Exuma are footprint-free and uninhabited. Whether on the mainland or exploring one of the many cays, Exuma offers solitude both in and out of the water.

We welcome you to explore Exuma and experience this hidden gem of the Bahamas and we assure you it will leave its mark.

About the Author:

The Good Life Bahamas is a real estate development, construction, and vacation rental company based in Great Exuma with several new custom home developments on the island as well as myriad vacation rentals to accommodate visitors. We strive to make living in Exuma a reality, while assisting with the financial and legal processes non-residents encounter. Contact us for any additional information you may need for your visit to our islands.