Guana Construction sits at the center of The Good Life Bahamas footprint, with an emphasis on designing and building both developments and individual custom homes.

At Guana, we ordinarily start before the pursuit of property, before there is a plan, while it is all just an idea: a possibility. We assist with the design of the home from the ground up. It frequently begins with a simple sketch on a napkin, some photos of amazing spaces, and ideas of beautiful elements. Elements that somehow need to find their way into the home. The sketch takes form, with creative ideas from both you and our team, and after a few iterations of input and rework, a plan is born.

While building custom homes is our niche, Guana is actively involved in larger developments and infrastructure work. From designing custom homes, to obtaining government permissions, to installation of the infrastructure required for new subdivisions, Guana is both uniquely positioned and competent to work through and assist in every step of these processes. If you have any construction needs in the Bahamas, we have the depth and breadth of experience to help you create and build your vision.

Building in the Bahamas does not have to be difficult. It can be a rewarding and straightforward experience. But as with most projects, working with the right team is essential.

A good home should be far more than the sum of its parts. An amazing home should resonate with its surroundings and also deep within us. In a way that might be hard to pinpoint, but it should feel right. If well designed, spaces should be the appropriate size, all connected with a natural and effortless flow. If designed well, the light and the breeze should always feel right. Spaces both inside and outside of the building should elicit the response, “This is perfect. You can leave me right here.” A home is about the quality of each day lived in it, the interactions and the experiences that happen in it, and if well designed, that it lends itself to. Every space acts as its own little theatre where life plays out. If well designed, conversations in the kitchen are comfortable and can last hours. If well designed, outdoor living areas are so welcoming, one can lounge in them for hours and even days. If well designed, the transition from the house to the natural environment around you is made with ease. If well designed, you can experience the beauty of your surroundings while enjoying the shelter of the home, taking in the view and island breezes from different living spaces. Good home designs should be resourceful and practical, imaginative yet functional. A great design is the difference between just owning a building, or owning a magical, comfortable, enjoyable home; A home that brings elements of the inside out as well as the outside in. A home that allows you to enjoy the best of the people with you and the nature around you.
We commonly assist people through the full design and permitting process. Together, along with in-house architects, we will develop an idea from concept sketch to permitted plan. Of course, we are happy to collaborate with other architects if you have already worked with them. We have learned a great deal by working with others and look forward to those opportunities.
We also assist homeowners navigate the financing process and recommend different banks that provide financing in the Bahamas. Financing for construction is possible, using the purchased land as collateral, and is common for non-residents.