The waters of the Exumas are considered to be amongst the most beautiful in the Caribbean, if not the world; waters so clear you'd swear you could breathe them in. World-travelled yachters hold this to be true and return year after year to take in the unrivaled colors and pristine beaches.

Gone is the high-rise culture of Nassau and the bustling drone of Grand Bahama, replaced instead by a lush tranquility and the very real opportunity to just ease out, breathe a little deeper, a little calmer and truly find one's sense-of-place.

But still, Exuma isn't a sought-after paradise just for its natural beauty. The innate cultural charm of the Exumian people holds a strong attraction, as well. Widely known for their warm and friendly nature, Exumian natives find great pleasure including everyone in their good times and visitors are consistently taken by the laughter and lightheartedness encountered here.

Exumas At A Glance

  • Location: 23° 27' 37.19" N, 75° 44' 26.52" W
  • Language: English with, of course, a charming Bahamian accent.
  • Population: Less than 3700
  • Island Size: 37 miles (60 km), joined to Little Exuma by a small bridge
  • Largest City: Georgetown (pop. 1000)
  • Average Temperature: November - May, 70-80°F, June - October, 80-95°F
  • Cost-of-Living: Similar to that of the US or UK
  • Freshwater: Drinkable, plentiful and quite refreshing
  • Taxes: 7.5% Sales Tax, no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, income tax, or withholding tax
  • Safety: No political or social upheaval exists on Exuma or the Bahamas as a whole, proving once and again, why this is a truly remarkable, positive place to call home
  • Proof: Islands Magazine recently called Exuma one of the top five islands in the world on which to live, the only island in the Bahamas to be recognized

Getting Here

Arriving from the US, and regretfully, having to leave Exuma is convenient and efficient. The most direct link between the States to Georgetown is via a direct flight on Delta, American and Continental Airlines. Several scheduled daily flights to Nassau are available on a number of major airlines out of North America and Europe, in addition to many private charters. Entry requires just a valid passport and a return ticket, which you'll likely be tempted to just tear up after your first day here. If arriving in Nassau, your Exuma leg is made simple with two daily flights on Bahamas Air, or three dailies on Sky Unlimited.

As always, we're happy to provide you with further suggestions for travel. Please contact us with any and all questions you may have.

International Flights to Georgetown:
Air Canada offers weekly direct flights from Toronto
American Airlines flights depart daily from Miami
Delta Airlines flies direct from Atlanta, Georgia
Silver Airways flies direct from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale in season
For charter services, we recommend our preferred partner Exclusive Charter Services.



Among Exuma's most attractive features is that so much can be done in a day. Initially, as an outsider, this can come with a learning curve or prove somewhat overwhelming. This is exactly where we come in. A distinct aspect of The Good Life | Bahamas' culture is immersing you and your family in the island's unique customs and activities by sharing with you what, how and where to experience the island's endless possibilities. It's as if you're an insider, right from the beginning.

Here you'll find that nothing is too far away and no traffic exists to slow you down. In fact, we frequently we find ourselves chasing daylight in an attempt to squeeze in one more amazing experience. Case in point, a day's potential agenda: One might wake up and play a game of tennis, then lunch with the family at the beach, and then fish or dive all afternoon. After a brief nap, you might head out for some live rake and scrape music before joining friends and family for dinner, then relax on the patio for one of the many breathtaking sunsets. Then again, you might not, because it goes without saying that many of your best days are those you'll spend doing absolutely nothing at all.

Of the endless possibilities, some of the more sought-after activities include:


With a water-based activity for every wind/weather condition here on Exuma, endless harbors and protected coves offer acres of smooth water ideal for wake boards, water skis or sea kayaks. Add a little wind and it becomes the perfect location for sailing. Add even more wind and its time to get out the kite or windsurfing boards. Kitesurfing is Exuma’s best kept secret.



Sailing or traveling by motorboat with family and friends to the countless deserted cays and the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean is one of the cornerstones of the island experience. In fact, Exuma may be one of the few places in the world where you'll find yourself passing on one breathtaking beach and moving to another simply because a single boat was already there. This experience is largely made possible by Exuma's expansive 'soft water' natural harbors, which provide wonderful access to so many possibilities without venturing into the open ocean and potential rough seas. Access to moorage, fuel and amenities is also excellent for those seeking multi-day waterborne adventure.


With such a variety of waters and so much of it, there's no wonder why so many fishing opportunities exist in the waters of Exuma. Just minutes from the protected waters of Exuma's harbors, the ocean floor drops a few thousand feet providing excellent opportunities for wahoo, tuna, dorado and even marlin-all only minutes away from the dock, and a place to grab a burger and a beer. The harbors along the island's east side and the expansive southwest-side flats offer excellent bonefishing, as well as lesser-known opportunities for tarpon and permit. Finally, one should never overlook the fantastic fishing available for snapper, jacks, barracuda, sharks and other species available throughout Exuma's waters.



Whether with tanks or free diving the reefs and wrecks that fill the waters of the Exumas, the diving is simply far too amazing to miss. Because no rivers exist anywhere in the Bahamas, there is no sediment and no fresh water algae. As long as the winds have been fairly calm, you'll likely see fish swimming more than 100 feet away. As far as we can tell, if you're living on an island surrounded by beautiful water this clean, clear, and teeming with this much life, you might as well dive.


At best misunderstood and by-and-large completely unknown, surfing in Exuma and the Bahamas is a quietly kept secret. Population and tourist centers have been, for the most part, located in protected areas of each island and just around the corner one may find the surf break of one's dreams. In fact, every swell that hits the fabled breaks of the north and west shores of Puerto Rico hits the Bahamas first! Here, however, the lineups are empty and the water, crystal clear. We at The Good LifeBahamas are avid surfers and would love a chance to show you the best breaks Exuma has to offer.



Both convenient and some of the most visually breathtaking flying one will ever encounter, dozens of small runways are peppered throughout the varied and beautiful island landscape of the Bahamas Archipelago. After even one flight, you'll quickly realize flying-like most other things-is just better in the Bahamas.


Many, many options exist for those not interested in leaping off cliffs, surfing or tearing across a flat on a wakeboard! Just beachcombing, an extremely enjoyable and soulful activity, can be incredibly rewarding with new discoveries around every corner. Best part is, even if you don't find a thing that day, there is nothing wrong with a walk along a breathtaking beach alone or with family and friends. We encourage you to contact us for more information. Or better yet, just come visit. We'd relish the opportunity to show you The Good Life, as one can only communicate so much with mere words and pictures.

Peter Whitehead

Born and raised in the Bahamas to a half-Austrian, half-Uruguayan family, Peter attended his early school years in Nassau. He finished high school, first in a Salzburg, Austria boarding school, then in Montevideo, Uruguay. After completing a BA at the University of Pennsylvania, he moved back to the Bahamas to learn the ins and outs of the family construction business. During those early years, Peter also pursued a long-distance law degree from Concord Law School. He was awarded his JD in 2008.

His post-collegiate years were spent working, surfing and studying. As one could imagine, it's been a good life. Physically working and project managing on-site gave him a very different, unique appreciation for the process and building methods used in Bahamian construction. Having influence over those methods and their designs, then experiencing first-hand the frustration and difficulty of many accepted techniques, has encouraged Peter to explore more progressive, cutting edge construction technologies from the ground up. These methods allow The Good Life | Bahamas to build with more efficient techniques, resulting of course, in a more cost-efficient home designed to stand the tests of time and weather.

Having become a tour guide of sorts at a young age, Peter truly enjoys the magic of seeing Exuma through the eyes of those who've never experienced it before. Introducing a guest to fishing, wakeboarding, surfing or driving a boat has always been so much fun for him. His infectious enthusiasm is proof. As time passed and the opportunities grew, creating The Good Life | Bahamas to help others enjoy the Exumian life was a natural progression.

John Toker

A longtime Pacific Northwesterner via the Midwest, upon completing several years of University work at Ohio State and Penn State, he partook in a lifetime's worth of fishing, rafting and climbing mountains across the American West while heading up an Agricultural Research Program at Washington State University. To say John has lived, loved and shared a life of work and play outdoors would be an understatement.

Upon arriving in the Bahamas, nearly 10 years ago, fresh off a few months playing Sasquatch and steelhead fly fishing around British Columbia's Skeena Country, he was thrown into a trial-by-fire of sorts, charged with rehabbing one of the Bahamas' most remote, most ailing bonefishing lodges. In just four years, the lodge experienced a full facelift under John's direction and became profitable in near-record time-all while juggling employees, managing contractors, hosting literally thousands of guests and still finding time to explore the lesser-known Out Islands. We credit his easy-going style, humor, abject tenacity and an understanding Bahamian wife, Lyn, to this success. In the Bahamian off-season, John continued to manage a remote steelhead and salmon flyfishing lodge deep in the British Columbian wilderness of the Dean River Canyon.

John has always possessed a strong desire to share that which he loves with others. This is exemplified by his being a fly-fishing guide and instructor through his college years, teaching climbing and mountaineering classes at WSU and his career as a manager and host of multiple fly fishing lodges. Throughout his life, John has found it far more rewarding to share life's wonders and adventures with others than to keep them to one's self. Upon meeting Peter a few years back, the two of them quickly found that they had similar dreams to share what they knew and loved of the Bahamas with others and to turn that passion into a career. Thus, The Good Life | Bahamas was born.